John McFarland Artist Statement

john-mcfarland-artist-02My art is largely motivated by my own desire to capture images which have special significance for me, images which evoke a deep spiritual or personal connection with the subject. This is particularly true for my portraits since I seek out faces which show the character and life experiences of the individuals behind them.

My aviation art is driven by a life long love of aircraft and my background in metal sculpture informs my appreciation of the sculptural qualities inherent in airplane design. Because I have always loved to draw I feel my art has benefited from pursuing that discipline since drawing develops one's eye/hand coordination and composition skills. These abilities have been of significant value to me in both my portraiture work and aviation art.

Finally, I am deeply indebted to all the fine artists with whom I have studied or worked with, the constant interplay of creative ideas is one of the most stimulating and exciting aspects of the life which my wife and I share.